Audio transcription: How can I automatically generate text from audio or video?

If you have audio or video recordings and want to generate reading text from them, this is called audio transcription. This can be useful if you want to generate searchable text from audio or video or if you want to subtitle a video.
There are now many web services that analyse spoken language and generate readable text from it. However, most of them do not meet the data protection requirements of the DGSVO. This is especially problematic if you have recorded audio or video of other people as well as yourself, then you are not only negligent with your own, possibly personal data, but with that of other people.
For this reason, weißensee kunsthochschule berlin has currently purchased a time quota from f4x, who work in a DGSVO-compliant manner. The current time quota is administered by Henrike Uthe, there are 1-hour codes for each: if you are interested, please get in touch here: uthe [at]

#1 Register and create an account
#2 Create time quota with code(s)
#3 Upload audio or video file
#4 Download text files or subtitles (BE FAST: after 90min the files are automatically deleted on their server)

The handling is very intuitive, but here you can find a video tutorial.