What tools does the university provide?

We strive to provide open and privacy-compliant solutions for online teaching. Please use these platforms wherever possible instead of resorting to offers from commercial providers like Google etc. If there are any problems, please let us know. The central helpdesk address is: helpdesk@kh-berlin.de


Alternative to: Dropbox, Google Drive/Docs, Onedrive
Status: First departments already have access. There is still a problem with the OnlyOffice integration. Rollout will be completed after Easter.

Nextcloud will be used as a platform for exchanging files and working on shared documents. Access rights are distributed by the computer studio to the contact persons in the departments, who then distribute them further.
In addition to exchanging files internally in the department, folders can also be shared with students (users do not need their own Next Cloud account).


Alternative to: Zoom, Skype
Status: ready

Jitsi is an open source alternative to Zoom or Skype. We have set up our own instance and have drilled it up considerably in the last few days. Please use it and give us feedback about the quality. Jitsi can be accessed directly in your web browser and therefore no software needs to be installed.

* As a web browser, it is best to use Chrome, Chromium or the latest Edge (Chromium-based). Firefox works but is not recommended. For example, since Jitsi is based on webRTC, it will not run on older versions of browsers. Also not on Safari or Internet Explorer.
* Up to 15-25 persons/participants use this server (https://jitsi.kh-berlin.de), otherwise jitsi.org (https://meet.jit.si)
* There is also an app for iOS and Android and for MacOS and Windows

=> Please leave feedback here: https://see.incom.org/project/1241  


Moodle is a free object-oriented course management system and learning platform. The software offers the possibilities to support cooperative teaching and learning methods. Software for digital handsets in FG Theory and History and special applications. Numerous integrated tools: Peer review, wiki, glossary, very differentiated voting tools, detailed user management with list import and export for the creation of mailing lists etc.


Status: ready

The central contact point and communication platform. Here you should be able to find all courses that are offered this semester, even if they also use another tool like Moodle. We ask all lecturers to enter the courses accordingly.

Students: Please create an account yourself.
Lecturers: Please also create an account (it takes about one day until the account is activated)


Alternative to: Google Docs (at least for the basic functionality
Status: ready

A very simple tool to work together on documents.


Alternative to: Youtube, Vimeo
Status: ready       Who has access here


Alternative to: E-mail threads, Doodle
Status: ready

"Loomio is a collaboration platform that is fundamentally revolutionizing the way groups make decisions, discuss and collaborate online.
The Fundamentals Department has just begun to conduct internal discussions on the subject: we are happy to report: goutrie(at)kh-berlin.de
It could also be a tool for other groups, commissions or initiatives; it might be suitable for online teaching (no experience yet)
Manual & Guides: https://help.loomio.org/en/

MS Office 365 Education

Info und Download

Alternative to preinstalled Libre-/Openoffice as well as video conferencing tool MS-Teams
Status: ready        Access has who has a ....kh-berlin.de address.
For university members MS-Office 365 has been offered free of charge for several years. Whether this will always remain so is not certain.