Do Students also get a Nextcloud-Account?

Accounts for students are currently not planned. For students participating in courses, shared folders can be set up by the lecturers with password protection. No student accounts are required to use these shared folders.

Reasons for students not having accounts:

- Administration overhead: Students must be added and removed manually. There has to be a process of on- and offboarding (how to handle alumni data?) which we currently cannot map. In addition, the current user administration in Nextcloud is very rudimentary and does not allow batch processing, for example.
- Storage: Our current Nextcloud solution has a fixed storage limit of 10TB. If every student got an account, there is a risk that this limited (and anyway not long term sufficient space) will fill up even faster.

But the good news is: These are all problems that can be solved. 
Just not in the very short preparation time for this digital semester.