The studierendenWERK BERLIN: cultural and psycho-social Offers

Even in times of online lectures and unusual get-to-know events, the studierendenWERK BERLIN would like to give students who are new in the city the opportunity to get in touch with other students and therefore organizes free online get-togethers.

From 25.11. to 16.12.2020, the Office of Culture & International Affairs in cooperation with the Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Counseling Center of studierenWERK BERLIN will organize a Digital Dark Week Festival.

With the Dark Weeks Festival, a program that is now doing good is offered in a secure digital space: moving around, learning clever strategies, getting information, meeting new people, cooking, handicrafts, writing, singing, relaxing, experiencing performances...

The complete offer is not yet online and will be published step by step.
Now there is a newvirtual language café! One where you can meet and speak in different languages. can have fun. learn languages by talking to each other: