Important information for international students:

International students are also subject to health insurance in Germany. For this purpose, a student insurance contract can be concluded with any statutory health insurance company or, in the case of European students, a confirmation of the health insurance existing in the home country can be issued. If you come from a country that has a social security agreement with Germany (EU and EEA countries and individual agreements) and are a member of a statutory/state health insurance there, you can have this confirmed here by any statutory health insurance company by presenting a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC, in UK GHIC) and receive confirmation from the German statutory health insurance company that you are exempt from the statutory health insurance obligation in Germany.

Those who have private health insurance in their home country have the option of terminating this and taking out German student health insurance with a statutory health insurance company. There is also the possibility to be exempted from compulsory insurance in order to remain privately insured.