Jitsi Quick Guide

1.) Open Chrome/Chromium (or Firefox, but by no means Safari) + open a jitsi server.
2) Enter your desired name for the video call in the field "Start a new meeting" + "Go" button
3.) A videocall starts in the browser window and a blue-grey box appears at the bottom right.
There you can copy the e-mail invitation text and set a password if necessary

4.) Send copied text by e-mail invitation to the other participants of your video call

The following controls are available in the videoconference window:

Bottom left: Transfer desktop or program window to everyone * Request to speak, raise hand * Chat

Center bottom: microphone on/off * hang up, end * video on/off

Bottom right: Tile view on/off = all as thumbnails or current speaker filling the window

"i" display invitation text/password * three dots: settings for account, video quality etc.

Thumbnail in the top right or in the tile: Click on your own thumbnail: Enter your name

Bed/yellow/green marking in upper left corner of the thumbnails: individual line quality of the subscriber. If the line quality lights up yellow or red, the current data rate of your DSl connection is obviously not sufficient. You can check the DSL data rate under  speedtest.net or


Please use headphones and mute the microphone when not speaking. In case of connection problems, please also switch off the cameras, this also reduces energy consumption.