Why don't we use Zoom?

This is a frequently asked question. 
We decided to go for Jitsi and against Zoom, there are several reasons for this:

  • As much as possible, we try to set transparent privacy compliant solutions and are open to developing them further.
  • The standard university license is not DSGVO compliant and the protection of privacy is not sufficiently secured (see also here). Yes, there are universities such as the HU or the University of Münster, which have negotiated individual DSGVO-compliant contracts. However, both are among the largest universities in Germany and employ their own legal advisors. Besides the legal workload, Münster has invested free capacity of administrators to "further [increase] the data protection level of the software compared to the standard settings" (source).  We do not have either. Furthermore, it seems that other universities have not received a DSGVO processing contract from Zoom and instead - like us - rely on Jitsi: among others Frankfurt, Innsbruck, Graz, Regensburg, Stuttgart, DFN-Verein, Paderborn, Siegen, digital learning Hessen and the Leibniz Computing Center Bavaria.
  • Jitsi has the advantage that no software needs to be installed on the computer and simply runs in a browser. Participation in zoom meetings, on the other hand, is only possible after installation and thus excludes some user groups.
  • Operating your own Jitsi server is much cheaper than buying zoom licenses.

The use of Zoom will be expressly prohibited by the university management from the winter semester 20/21 onwards.