I don't have a computer or a smartphone. Can I borrow a computer from the university?

The computer studio has prepared iMacs. These are stationary 24" iMacs with MacOS 10.11, Adobe CC2018, SketchUp2018, Rhino 6. Here are the hardware info:
The iMacs are unpackaged. Please bring a cover in case of rain. It is not possible to pick up the iMac (12 kg, 52.1 cm H x 56.8 cm W x 20.85 cm D) by bicycle. The tram/bus stops are so far away that a pick-up with tram/bus is not practical. Recommendation: pick up with a shopping trolley or suitcase trolley and fastening material. Also possible a suitable trolley case.
They are rented for a period of up to 4 weeks to students without their own computer and smartphone. Students please contact their respective department, e.g. the department spokesperson. They coordinate the requests and pass on the need and contact to the computer studio. Please note that students must observe hygiene regulations when borrowing computers, such as wearing a mask and gloves and bringing their own pen.